WP Seo Image Optimizer 2.0.0

  • Seo Image Optimizer for WordPress & WooCommerce - Traffic Booster
  • Automatically Optimize Title and ALT tags
  • Title and ALT tags added in images

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WP Seo Image Optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer is a SIMPLE and MUST have plugin to Gain more traffic and sales From Search Engine like GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING Image Search! It dramatically increase Traffic of your WordPress Website, Blog and Woocommerce Store.

Automatically Add Alt & Title Tags

SEO Optimized Images allows you to dynamically replaced alt attribute and title tag value by image name, post title, post tags, and post categories.

Works for existing and New Images

SEO image optimizer works for new and existing images. You can add alt attribute value in the new images as well as in existing ones. You can also override the existing alt tag with new alt attribute values.

Woocommerce Images Support

SEO Image Optimization allows you to optimize WooCommerce product images and make them search engine friendly. You can override the alt and title tags of WooCommerce products.

Customizable Alt and Title Tags

This feature allows you to replace alt attribute value by image name, post title, and post categories, or you can add custom value for alt attribute or title tags.

Easy to Use and User-friendly Interface

SEO Friendly Images is very simple and easy to use. You can automatically add optimized alt and title tags to your images in less than 30 seconds.

Theme and Browser Compatibility

SEO Image Optimizer is compatible with most wordpress themes and compatible with all major browsers.

Exclude posts based on post types

This feature allows you to exclude SEO Image Optimizer functionality from post types, which are posts, pages, media, and products. • Exclude multiple Posts, pages, and products • Exclude multiple posts and products tags • Exclude multiple posts and products categories

Advantages of using SEO Image Optimizer

  • You can gain more traffic and sales from ALL Major search engines
  • Shop owner who have digital store using woocommerce must use this plugin for increase shop sales
  • Blogger could boosts there visits using this plugin.
  • One click install – get set up in less than 30 seconds. Set and forget!

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