Web design

  • Will my website be custom designed?

    Yes, we create custom web designs according to your business requirements.
  • Will my website be search engine optimized?

    Yes. We always design website with search engines in mind all designs are compliant with SEO guidelines. Our SEO experts install and set up every aspect of SEO on your website from scratch that converts more visitor into sales or enquire than ever before.
  • Will my website be displayed properly on mobile devices?

    Yes, we provide a fully responsive and mobile friendly design so you can manage your website content any time from any device.
  • Do you provide training to your clients?

    Yes, we provide training to our clients if they want to make changes in website and update it.
  • How much does a website design cost?

    The cost of website design depends on its complexity. We provide design solutions within your schedule and budget.
  • If I have an existing website, does Xfinitysoft do redesigns?

    Yes, whether you need a new website design, or you want to redesign an existing one, we create a unique, fully responsive and customized website design.

Web development

  • How long will building a website take?

    It’s all depend on the complexity of the website. If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet your deadline.
  • How do I maintain the website? – Can I update it myself?

    Yes, you can update it yourself. We provide maintenance to your website and we can also train you to make some changes on your website if you want to update it yourself.
  • Will my website be search engine friendly?

    Yes, all our websites are created with search engines in mind and all designs are compliant with SEO guidelines. We use best SEO techniques that makes your site number one on the chart.
  • Does Xfinitysoft do E-commerce?

    Yes, we have experience in designing and developing E-Commerce websites that makes your company money.
  • Do you provide ongoing website support?

    Yes, we provide ongoing website support.

Content Writing

  • What kind of format do you send the content in?

    We send it in an online word-based document. Then you can download it in any format you need. You can simply copy and paste it into your website if the content is to be published online.
  • How many orders can you handle?

    We can handle as many as order you want.
  • How long does it take?

    It will depend on the quantity of content pieces you require and this will be indicated once you start the order process and choose the quantity you require.
  • What kind of content Xfinitysoft can write?

    Our content writing service caters for blog writing, article writing, case studies, Ebooks & white papers, inbound marketing campaigns, press releases, and newsletters.
  • I need a specific word count not listed, can you do this?

    We offer a number of content lengths which suit the majority of content needs. You will need to choose the highest content length and if you require less words you can enter this into the description.
  • Can you make changes, if I don't like the content?

    Yes, we can make changes but you have only 10 days to make any improvements, any requests made outside of the 10 days may not be honored.

Social Media Marketing

  • How can Xfinitysoft do social media for someone else?

    Social media is about sharing your message online and connect with your audience. Once you educate us about your particular field or business, we can take an in-depth look at your online social media marketing opportunities that make your business stand out.
  • Why would I prefer Xfinitysoft to do social media for me?

    We have an excellent staff that is trained to build a social media campaign to boost up your business and help you to increase your brand awareness and reputation, boost your online profile, and increase website traffic.
  • How would I know if my marketing plan is working?

    Social media should lead people back to your website that converts more visitor into sales or enquires than ever before. We can use different tools to track who is going to your website and how they got there.


  • How Long Does It Take To Rank?

    Depending on your type of business, customized marketing plan, campaign goals and much more. It can take 1-2 months to start seeing significant ranking.
  • Will I be able to track traffic to my site and what people do while they are on it?

    Yes, we set up our website with Google Analytics so you will be able to track your website.

Other Questions

  • How do I contact Xfinitysoft?

    For projects small or large please email support@xfinitysoft.com or call (07) 55 35 00 63. We have a fantastic team that will be happy to work with you!
  • Does Xfinitysoft work with clients who are in another country?

    Yes, we work with the clients who are out of state or in another country.
  • How long will building a website take?

    It’s all depend on the complexity of the website. If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet your deadline.
  • What kinds of industries and businesses does Xfinitysoft work with?

    Xfinitysoft work with all kinds of businesses including those in healthcare technology, professional services, real estate, retail, and technology. We take the time to talk with you and learn about your business so that we can promote it in the best way possible.