WordPress page duplicator 1.1.0

Duplicate contents through find and replace

Duplicate contents through find and replace

WordPress Page Duplicator duplicate selected page/post with find and replace functionality. Most of the time Word-press Users needs to create a page/post which is slightly different than existing page/post. Instead of copying whole content and images which requires effort and time, WordPress Page Duplicator comes to rescue to duplicate page/post with just one click to save effort and time.

Change content during duplication

WordPress Page Duplicator just not duplicate content BUT also provide options to change content during duplication. Most interesting and handy option of this plug-in is FIND AND REPLACE, which Word-press Users can use during duplication.

Set the status of duplicated post

user can set the status of the duplicated post i.e Draft or Original. page duplicator is easy to use and friendly GUI. Allows which content user want to duplicate i.e Title, Content, Taxonomies, Feature Image, Meta Values

Custom post type supported

page duplicator allows you to add prefix and suffix with duplicated post title – remain. Allows More than one word to replace in duplicated version and enable the duplicate functionality for any CUSTOM POST TYPE (CPT).

Words can be replaced in duplicated version

Page duplicator allows which areas user want to replace each word i.e title, slug, content, meta values and allows More than one word to replace in duplicated version. Enable Case Sensitive option to have found and replace the functionality or not for each word separately.

Set redirection After duplication

You can set where you want to redirect after duplication i.e duplicated post edit screen, duplicated post front side or no where. Set which roles will be able to use the plugin’s functionality.

Duplicate button available on various places

In page duplicator, a duplicate button is available on the various position like in edit post screen, post action rows in posts table and in admin bar on the front side. User can also set the duplicate button text.

Use Cases

Create a duplicate of page/post within a second to save time and effort. The user owns a site in which all the posts contents are same except some specific words then WordPress Page Duplicator comes to use to duplicate existing post/page. WordPress Page Duplicator can be used by article writers because most of the time article writers are using the same template and contents with a minor update to create a new post.

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