WooCommerce Sequential and Friendly Order Number 1.0

Friendly and sequential order number for your shop

Friendly and sequential order number for your shop

A Common problem of all WooCommerce store is the random order numbers. Random order numbers are NOT easy to remember if you are in hurry and searching for one order out of thousand. Also this does not seem to be an order number of my store. So Luckily WooCommerce Sequential and Friendly Order Number is a SIMPLE and MUST have plugin for your online store to have sequential and friendly order numbers.

Set a friendly order number prefix and suffix

Additionally, you can set your order numbers by setting a starting number, which will continuously increase in a sequential manner, when more order will be placed. Moreover, you have feature to set your order number by setting Prefix and suffix. E.g. Friendly-1-Store, Friendly-2-Store, Your-1-Store, or whatever format you prefer!

Different friendly order number for free orders

Use a different friendly order number for FREE orders. Orders with only free products can be excluded from the paid order sequence for accounting purposes, and assigned their own custom prefix. The plugin will not affect your existing order numbers.

Set current day month or year

You can set current day, month, or year in your friendly order number prefix or suffix without affecting your existing order numbers. You can start the order numbering at any number.

WooCommerce Friendly Order Number Support

WooCommerce Sequential and Friendly Order Number provide support for Order Tracking page, WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, and WooCommerce PreOrders plugin. User can track order from tracking order page.

Advantages of WooCommerce Friendly Order Number

  • Make your orders user friendly.
  • Easily and quickly, find orders in your store.
  • Order numbers will be easy to remember and understand, by setting starting number, prefix and suffix.

Advantages of WooCommerce Friendly Order Number

  • User can Track Order from Tracking Order Page.
  • Get rid of random, ugly and messy numbers.
  • Managing orders of your customer was not easy before this plugin.

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