Spinio 1.0

Fortune wheel for WooCommerce (Sales and Lead booster)

Fortune wheel for WooCommerce (Sales and Lead booster)

SPINIO will convert your visitor into loyal customer and subscribers in interactive and creative way which is totally controlled by you.SHOW your customers CARE and LOVE by giving them discount COUPONS. SPINIO will help you decide what to give them and what to not give them.

Great Marketing Tool

SPINIO is a Great Marketing Tool. It uses a fortune wheel in a very visionary way that grabs your visitor’s email to make him/her a customer and subscriber. So engaging your customer was not easy before SPINIO. Let your customer excite by gamifying your LEADS.

Top Features of Spinio

  • Fully customizable and responsive
  • 6 Build-in awesome Styles/Themes
  • Unlimited Slices and snow effect
  • Control each slice individually
  • Export emails as CSV
  • SPINIO Styles/Themes builder included
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce coupons
  • Enable/disable Name field

Advantages of using SPINIO

BOOST your Store SALE Up to 200%! Dramatically increase your Leads. Improve overall Conversion rate in an interactive way by giving them discount and coupons. Customer are fed up due to ugly popups, Let the SPINIO gamify your Leads to save your customers. Creative way to interact with your customers that makes them feel special. Collecting their name and email before leaving site for your upcoming product and Remarketing.






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